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Kalonji Jama Changa is considered by many to be one of the most effective organizers in the US.  An active people's advocate, Kalonji has fought on multiple fronts tackling issues such as local and national police brutality cases to international human rights violations. Due to his dedication and tenacity, Kalonji has been featured on numerous media outlets including CNN, FOX and the BBC networks, to name a few. Under Kalonji’s direction as Founder/National Coordinator of the FTP Movement, programs such as International Feed The People, Siafu Youth Corps, Mama's Army and the National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism, have matured and developed. Kalonji Jama Changa is author of the bestselling book, “How to Build a People’s Army” and the revolutionary novel "Street Codes from Gangsta to Guerrilla". Kalonji Jama Changa currently serves as co-chair of the Urban Survival and Preparedness Institute and Director of Freedom Home Academy, an independent Afrikan centered school in Atlanta, Georgia.



Hailing from Laurelton Queens New York, Craig Joseph ‘the flux’ Singleton was inspired to draw by his brother at the age of 4. After writing on house walls and etching on the living room tables earned him some of the greatest whippings of all time, Flux found paper most suitable for his visual expression. So… after years of copying, creating, copying and creating, he finally coughed up what some may consider a style. Somewhere in between comic art and abstract realism. A few things got jumbled, an explosion happened and WHALAH. Decades later,  you bare witness to a multi-talented individual who prefers to just wing it. From Graphic Design, Illustrator, an Mcee or Videography, these tools have been an outlet of self therapy and genuine curiosity. Now, it may be hard to put faith in a person like that but the work speaks for itself. New opportunities are a humbling experience for a person who doesn’t know but what that pressure does for the heart… is a chance to prove how powerful it is. FANGGGGGGGGGGGG!!

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Sheree R. Swann, a Bridgeport, CT native, graduated from Southern Connecticut State University. While attending Southern as a Corporate Communications major, she explored the field of Video Production. It was then, when Sheree decided to take a photography class to complement her studies. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science, she went on to work at a local television station in New Haven, CT. On a journey to pursue some of her many other interests, Sheree enrolled in a few photography classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She’s produced art shows, photographed events, portraits, album covers and her work can be found in regional as well as online publications. In 2008, she journeyed down to Atlanta, Georgia and enrolled at The Art Institute. She has since completed her studies as a Commercial Photography student and is currently freelancing as a photographer and videographer. Recent group exhibitions include: 420, City of Ink Gallery, Atlanta, Commemorating the Lives of Gil Scot-Heron and Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt, City of Ink Gallery, Atlanta, Skin & Ink, City of Ink Gallery, Atlanta, Tribute to Troy Davis, House of Blended Ink Studio and Gallery, Atlanta, CAIN, Colony Square, and Freestyle at WonderRoot in Atlanta . Her recent solo exhibition includes The Royal Affair, City of Ink Gallery, Atlanta. In April 201l, Sheree started a documentary called “Organizing is the New Cool” with members of the FTP Movement, a Grassroots organization that raise political awareness and inspires people to take active roles in community building. Later on that year, she joined forces with Salem Psalms, LLC, a marketing, project management and music production recording studio, to provide photo and video content for projects such as the Art, Beats + Lyrics 2 Go mix tape (October 2011), as well as for hip hop artist, Sha Stimuli’s Rent Tape series (October 2012).

 She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Continuing her freelance work, she is in the post-production phase of the documentary.

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Vaunghn Saber, co-founder of (Odvaungh+Swann Creative Group) is a producer/director/videographer/video editor who has worked with several individuals and organizations in the Metro Atlanta area. Vaunghn Saber is well known for his involvement with the recording group, “The Liuns Den” as a music producer and from his videography works on the “Crew Love” DVD series with founder Dr. Taj Anwar-Jackson. He is also noted for his recent work with Amond Jackson (Salem Psalms Library) on the “Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Documentary” which covered many of the mobile studio recording sessions during the A3C Music Festival held in Atlanta, GA. His most recent collaborative effort with the people’s activist and author of the book “How to Build A People’s Army” Kalonji Changa (FTP Movement), artist/illustrator Craig “Flux” Singleton (Binkis Recs) and photographer/videographer/editor Sheree Swann (Lens of Life Photography) for the upcoming documentary “Organizing Is The New Cool” focuses on bringing awareness to the general public, young and old, that this is something that people are faced with each and every day around the world. The people need to be enlightened that this is not something that happens by accident. Police are violating the rights of people and are getting away with absolute murder. This project is aimed at exposing the corrupt system that is supposed to protect and serve as well as inform the people of their rights and how to protect themselves when placed in a situation regarding an encounter with the police. It is also a means to educate the people on how they can build a strong community base by coming together as a collective and working together to develop solutions to many of the problems and issues that exist within their own communities without having to involve law enforcement who many of them don’t trust or are afraid of.

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